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Faith Fight Podcast

Sep 18, 2019

Pastor Kobby Adjei was born into a Christian family to devout parent who raised their children in the principles and teaching of God.  He has 3 siblings of whom his is the second born. He was called into full time ministry as a pastor in 2017 and is a leader, encourager and a devout believer in the teachings of Christ. Pastor Kobby is also the host of an online TV program called “Holy Spirit Hour” which is a Christian based program that seeks to promote content on the kingdom of God in an area dominated by the things of the world. His show tackles a variety of topic to help bridge the gap between the principles of God and those who lack understanding thereof.  Pastor Kobby is also a Medical Laboratory Technician by trade of which he practiced for over 4 years...He loves to teach the word of God, loves God and the things of God dearly.

You can connect with Pastor Kobby through the following social media platforms.

YouTube - Holy Spirit Hour

Facebook - Kobby Adjei

Instagram - @Min_Kobby

Also, Remember to check out some of my favorite books to help your growth as a Christian.

  1. Good to Great In Gods Eyes by Chip Ingram
  2. Understanding the Purpose & Power of Men by Myles Munroe

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Be blessed!