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Faith Fight Podcast

Oct 4, 2021

We really need to remember the price that Jesus paid for us. Because of His sacrifice for us we don’t need to come to God with animal sacrifices every time we fall short of his mark. Through reading the Bible I’ve seen that there are so many sins that should result in the death penalty. Like murder, adultery, etc. The penalty in the Old Testament for these sins was death. You might say those are really bad sins and the death penalty is probably justified. But I want to highlight some other sins and situations that when committed, the penalty was death. Some of these things that I’m talking about may seem excessive to think that they deserve death but according to Gods standard, he requires absolute holiness from his people and he can’t go back on his word.

Thanks be to our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ who is the fulfillment of ALL of these Old Testament laws. He who knew No Sin, became sin in order that we might become the righteousness of God, in Christ Jesus. To God be all the glory.

This episode will help you to gain a better appreciation for what Jesus has done for us so that we can have forgiveness from our sins through Him.

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