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Faith Fight Podcast

Feb 21, 2022

For those of you who don’t follow American Football, the Super Bowl was last week.  This is the season finale where a champion is determined.  This year the LA Rams won the Super Bowl.  In addition to this, the top wide receiver on this team was awarded as Most Valuable Player. His name is Cooper Kupp and he had an amazing season where he had the most catches, yards and touchdowns in a season for a wide receiver this season.  I’ve never heard him speak before but when they announced that he won MVP I finally got a chance to hear his heart in that moment.  He sounded very humble and greatfull for the opportunity to play football and win the MVP. During the post-game interview he shared how God gave him a vision and God caused that vision come to pass during the Super Bowl.  Here is a short clip of his interview when he shared his vision.  There are some things that we can learn from his experience that I’ll share in a moment.


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