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Faith Fight Podcast

Feb 25, 2019

Maturing in Christ doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes purposeful work on your part.  Though we all grow as time passes, We want to make sure that we are maturing in our thinking, our behavior and that we are applying Godly principles in our lives.  There are a few scriptures in the bible that you can use to determine if you are maturing in Christ or not and today we are going to go over them.  You can use this episode as a measuring stick to see how you measure up to the word regarding maturing in Christ.  If you only get a passing grade for a few of these verses, that’s ok... It’s just there to show you home much work God and you have to do to be all that God has made you to be. 

To download the Bible verses, my notes and customized prayer plan click here.

Be blessed