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Faith Fight Podcast

Jun 14, 2021

There’s a lot of false information and fear being spread today all caused by the pandemic that we are still in. As of the time of recording, I’m in June 2021 and it looks like there is hope for us to begin a new normal as we come out of the pandemic. If you’re like me, you probably been having church online or outdoor service for a while. No large gatherings and non-essential retail stores have been closed. But as we emerge, there are a lot of falsehoods being shared and misinformation being consumed by people on social media.

I would like to use the platform of this podcast to share hope and to equip you on how you can discern the truth and why I believe we are approaching the last days but are not there yet. I’m going to give you scriptural support for everything that I’m going to say and I encourage you to do your own study to confirm and support what I’m going to say here. You will see it is scripturally sound and correct.

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