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Faith Fight Podcast

Jan 4, 2021

Welcome to 2021!!

If you are going to do great things this year and achieve Gods purpose for your life, one of the key things that you will need to learn to do is study the Bible. You can’t attend church service every week on Sunday and not look at the bible again until the following week. You won’t go anywhere with that type of study habits. In this episode I’m going to show you what the bible says about studying the word of God and the blessing that comes from it. AND also as a bonus, one of my friends did a really informative YouTube video on Studying the Word of God that I would like you to watch. It I’ll teach you the practical things to do when reading the bible and should help you greatly. The link to that YouTube video is in the description to this episode. The video is called Bible Study ~ A Simple Method.  And don’t forget to subscribe to the Smiles from God YouTube account.


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Be Blessed!!