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Faith Fight Podcast

Sep 26, 2022

We all have things that we are praying to God for.  Some of those things are needs. Some of those things are wants.  But what happens most of the time is that the answer to those prayers are not seen right away. Some of you may be praying for a new vehicle, house, new job or spouse and maybe you’ve been have waiting for a while.   There are others who are praying for more serious things like healing and food to eat and every day have to rely on God to just make it through that day.  Wherever on the spectrum of need vs want your prayer request is on, we have to look at a few verses and check our hearts to see if we are the ones that are blocking the answers to our prayers.  Like it says in Psalms 139, we are going to search our own hearts in this episode to see if there are any wicked ways found in us and repent and change by the end.  Let's jump in. 


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